According to Ayurveda, food and food habits are important for your health.

  1. When to eat: Basic principal about eating is, eat only when you are hungry. Meals schedule
    should be strictly followed.
  2. How much to eat: Generally Human stomach has a capacity of 1 lit. While eating only fill half
    of it with food, about quarter for water, and remaining space should be kept empty.
  3. How to Eat: While eating you should chew the food to get soft and ensure that it is
    thoroughly mix with saliva. I always tell my patients, “Eat the Liquids and drinks the solids.
  4. Drinking water during meal: You can drink warm water slowly while eating.
  5. Where to eat: find calm and quite place to eat. Never eat food in crowded places.
  6. What to eat: As per Ayurveda, Every major meal should be a balance of following six RASAS;
    Madhur (sweet), Amla (sour), Lavan (salty), Tikta (bitter), Katu (spicy), and Kashay (pungent).
    Try to take all these RASAS (tastes) in your meals.
  7. After meals: Heavy physical and mental work should be strictly avoided after eating your food.

These are simple guidelines for eating, for healthy living.

Happy Eating. 🙂

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